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Welcome to a new way of earning through advertising!

The hardest thing with marketing online is  getting good quality ad views of your products and services. Simply  because most marketers online are selling and not buying. We  have put  an end to those ideals. Here at  Viral Ad  Space, instead of you selling just  any ole  product that may or may not get  sales, you  sell the one thing everyone  needs,  AD SPACE!

With Traffic Exchanges becoming more and more about admins earning money versus actually advertising members true products, marketers are losing out on money and quality views of their products or services. Here at Viral Ad Space you get a full 30seconds of quality viewing of your product(s) on a daily basis. That is hundreds of views from members all across international waters. In order for them to login to their back office, they will be looking at your product or service offer. Guaranteeing you that your service will get looked at.

      How Do I Earn Selling Ad Space?

To earn easy money here at Viral Ad Space you must be a qualified member/affiliate in order to get paid on two levels of commissions. Once you become a qualified member/affiliate you will earn income starting with your very first sale. With our new referral compensation program you will be able to earn as a direct sponsor plus an override bonus that is paid to the sponsor above the direct sponsor. Yes, you are correct! That means members will be earning on multiple commissions levels whether they  directly sponsored that particular member or not. This makes earning money fun and exciting because now you have more opportunities to build a powerful money earning network.


How Does Viral Ad Space Compensation Work?

Our new compensation plan extends the pass up program by passing up every even member to infinity. Then those members that were passed up will also pass up every even member to infinity. This is a never ending cycle that will produce mass income for the life of your membership and you will earn income every month you remain an active member in our system. With us taking this approach to earning, this provides each member, especially those who have issues referring members, a way to keep growing financially on autopilot.

What Do I Get For My $2.75 Per month?

When you become qualified member/affiliate your $2.75 per month is for the purchase of your ad space that is a monthly subscription, website rental, stat tracking, promotional materials, and one on one coaching session with admin or direct sponsor. You get 275 login ad credits when you complete your registration or paying your monthly $2.75 subscription. You also get 3 Pro member advertising slots to introduce your outside products and services to your new network members. Those will be viewed in the back office members area. You can have different programs from login or get double exposure. Choice is yours to control!

Why Should I Become A Member/Affiliate For Viral Ad Space?

Simply put, Viral Ad Space (VAS) let's you sell the one thing every member online needs to help market their programming, ADVERTISING! Most traffic exchanges that you are a member of, have you pay anywhere from $5 to $12.99 and gives your product at most 4 to 8 seconds of viewing. Most of the time members are power surfing just to build credits so your advertisement is not getting the respect it deserves. That means your money is going to waste. On average a surfer who is just there to collect pennies can actually use up 2 to 4 credits of your paid advertising not even looking at your product. This is money wasted! Same with mailers. Unless your subject line is something mind catching most members do not bother to open up those emails or they belong to so many mailers that your advertisement gets swept over by the masses.

Viral Ad Space cuts the margin of "no ad views" completely out. Your advertisement is viewed in rotation to the entire membership as a 30 second Login Ad, it is also shown to all of the members that join your network from your direct sales and also shown to your indirect sales (Pass ups). And as a secondary measure all your direct and indirect sales will see your program when they login to their back office. This is the double exposure your program or services receives.

With Viral Ad Space you will earn the advertising and income you always wanted
but could never achieve. Our system is affordable, practical, and provides all the
necessary tools and training needed for you to successfully achieve a monthly
steady income.


The best thing about selling advertising space is that everyone needs it. Anyone who wants to sale anything online can use your services you are offering. Your first sale guarantees you a lifetime of earning and viral build of your network. Joining Viral Ad Space will definitely put you back on the right track of earning a good monthly income!

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